Rest In Power Nipsey Hussle

It’s rare to have unquestionable respect for an individual I’ve never met. That’s the energy Nipsey Hussle delivers to this world. His message and the pure intentions he had for his community and the whole of Hip Hop centered around peace, the power of knowledge and regaining our strength through unity. He represented what it meant to have integrity and passion, never conforming to this society’s acceptance of detrimental behavior to sell his brand. Instead, he and his team have built an honorable empire, and more importantly they’ve planted seeds that will grow and spread for years to come.

The tragic end of his physical form should stand as a lesson. We must protect our leaders at all costs. There are forces in this world that will do everything in their power to halt our progress, because allowing us to reclaim our true identity goes against their plans.

His story isn’t over. The inspiration he’s given the world and the examples he has set forth can never be tarnished. We must continue where he left off and use the influence we do have to bring our communities together and change the narrative we’ve been told to accept.

The Marathon Continues.

Please send your prayers to Nipsey’s family.


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