Kevin Gates – M.A.T.A (Video)

Gates has been vocal about how the comfort he felt in the streets still lingers on his mind. Those days for him were simple and structured, despite all of the sacrifices he made, the risks he took and the wickedly unjust system it put him against. Loses and obstacles he was willing to bare. 

“M.A.T.A” (Make America Trap Again) addresses a part of the principles he applies wherever he goes and some of the tactics that have helped him succeed in the past. 

Bullet hit, breakin’ the bone in half
Hospital two weeks and a half
After that I healed up in a cell
Prayin’ to God when I was in jail
Going in black, they put you through hell
Holdin’ you ransom, raisin’ your bail
Throw you a sandwich, hot nigga, yeah
Yeah, I’m fully prepared.

  – Kevin Gates 

Enjoy the dope visual above! Luca Brasi 3 is out now!


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