Bishop Nehru – Ridaya (Video)

This young New York MC continues to set the bar high for his competitors. He easily carved his lyric into the Kanye and Pusha T ‘Number On The Boards’ track, packing ample substance in under 3 minutes.

Enjoy Above!

Mozzy ‘Fake Famous’

One of the most impressive Northern California MC’s, Mozzy, continues his relentless release of quality projects. Fake Famous is another example of his thorough lyrics showing just how deep they reach.

Stay on the look out for his highly anticipated album 1 Up Top Ahk. 

Syd – Body

The lead vocalist of The Internet continues her campaign for next weeks release of her debut album Fin. To amp up the excitement, she let loose a smooth, certified hit with ‘Body’. Her approach to R&B is classic yet all her own. This track shows her improvement vocally, as she delivers some of her clearest work yet.

Maxo Kream – Grannies

Maxo Kream "Grannies"

Houston, Texas native Maxo Kream flexes his skills in this weeks new release. Here he describes the daily occurrences from the period he lived with his grandmother. The lessons he learned, the observations he made and the effect his surroundings had on him are perfectly expressed in these well structured verses.


Matt Martians Prepares For The Release Of His Debut Album ‘The Drum Chord Theory’


The co-founder of the R&B group The Internet begins the roll out of his debut album. When word got out that every member of the six person band is dropping a solo project, I was interested to hear what would come from a mainly musician dominated group.

Martains has been known to add his vocal abilities to many of The Internet’s work, but with the release of ‘Diamond In Da Ruff’ we can experience what makes him an integral part of the band. The new track, that will be included in the full project carries that same soul vibe as his group work but with a lot more emphasis on instrumentation, giving him a chance to flex his production skills.

The Drum Chord Theory is set to be available January, 27th, featuring 12 original tracks.

Cole Bennett No Jumper Interview

Cole Bennett is a young entrepreneur using his passion for Hip Hop to pave his own way into the industry. I can finally put a face to the name that has delivered great interviews with Chicago artists like Lucki and Alex Wiley, showing is impressive reach in the city.

The interview above details the inception of his brand (Lyrical Lemonade), his view of the ever growing Chicago scene and what he plans to conquer next.

Viceland’s Noisey Gives Us Another Look At Bay Area Culture & The Artists That Represent It

Viceland did an amazing job letting the artists in this piece express themselves and share their experiences. The short documentary highlights the damage gentrification is doing to the rich culture found in one of the most diverse parts of this country.

The perspectives of those affected by local governments evicting instead of helping came across clearly, showing just of how deep their attachment is to their cities. So deep that the artists are doing what they can to empower their people and communities, by controlling their surroundings, one property at a time.


Dave East – No Hook Ft. G Herbo & Don Q

All three of these impressive MC’s had 2016 in the palm of their hands, making every drop count. Today with the release of their well promoted collaboration, they prove with every bar just how special the young talent in Hip Hop is evolving to be.

Their distinctive voices do all the work, forcing the listener’s ears to adapt as they seamlessly trade bars.

[Verse 7: G Herbo, Dave East & Don Q ]
16, we stopped the competing and sold it in bundles
Money coming out of question who a 100 and humble
We dumping and rumble not the one to compare with these niggas
Fendi monster, my jacket looking like it’s staring at niggas

And my shoes Fendi like a mirror, denim, my jewels drippy
Cuban link with a few diamonds changes of cool 60

Brought my tour for 2 60, gotta front me 2 60
Just for us to start the promo
Before we even choose city
Off white jacket back block, I got your boo with me
Def Jam gave me a million already blew a 50

Too grippy, my mood switchy don’t move silly
I cruise Billy, foreing only, I got too picky

It’s survival of the fittest
Rental house ain’t tryin’ pitch it
I got powder for the sniffers
Just a rider on a mission

(Shout out to Genius)

With Dave East and G Herbo publicly contemplating dropping their official debut albums this year and Don Q continuing to feed the streets with massive hits, the track below shows the impact they’re about to make.