Hardo – Been A Minute Prod. By Mitch Mula


The veteran Pittsburgh MC is back today with the release of a very heartfelt track. Based around his past and the most importantly the loss of his close friend, Hardo displays his potent delivery and continues his impressive resurgence.

Check it out Below.


Mozzy – Ass Whoopins


The amount of consistent projects and singles from Mozzy has been impressive to watch. He’s brought his sophisticated approach to grimy street tales to the scene this year garnering nothing but respect from the industry and fans alike.

Above Mozzy mans up by getting his short comings as a son off his chest. In an ode to his mother’s tough love he takes the time praise her constant efforts to steer him in the right direction.

Enjoy Below

Curren$y – Defenseless Prod. By Smitty Beatz

2016 is almost over but of course one of our favorite rappers sees no limitations or a need to hold out on delivering music to his fans.

His latest release solidifies the game he pours into his work. From the moment the track begins he hits us with lessons we would all be wise to take heed to. The important things in life are what he highlights on the track and is what makes it a stand out in my playlist this year. Shout out to Smitty Beatz on the incredible production.

Enjoy Below.

Wale – Folarin Like

The constant complaints about the state of Hip-Hop frankly annoys me when artists like Wale drop tracks like the one above. Songs like this get ignored and left out of the conversation. Wale has been vocal about his position in the game, putting emphasis on the importance of appreciating and respecting ALL music.

In the visual above Wale takes the Nas classic ‘Is Like’ and makes it all his own.

BJ The Chicago Kid – Uncle Marvin Feat. Marvin Gaye

I’m thankful to say that our generation has an artist of BJ’s caliber to add to the history books. The aura of his music takes you back and transmits his emotions like real soul should.

His latest release is a surprising yet welcoming collaboration with the late Marvin Gaye entitled Uncle Marvin. The short track shows off the young artist’s range while allowing us to reminisce on Marvin’s greatness.

Enjoy Above.