Danger Will Robinson – For Me

This young duo out of Reno, Nevada have stepped up their game with this new track. They’ve spent the summer putting in work and with fall coming around the corner ‘For Me’ is the culmination of their grind.

With their abilities as producers and vocalists more hits are sure to come.

Check it out below and follow them on Soundcloud.

Nick Grant – Nobody

Nick Grant has been making moves for some time now which are paying off with him finally getting the recognition he deserves.

Nobody is Grant’s 2016 version of the Biggie record “You’re Nobody (‘Til Somebody Kills You)”. Because of the level he’s at musically at such a young age it’s no surprise that you might forget the track is a remix.

Enjoy Below. Bars!

Taylor Gang (Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods & Tuki Carter) – Issac Hayes Prod. (By ID Labs)

The artists under the Taylor Gang flag all have their own unique approach to music. They  stand firmly together as a group as much as they differ musically. From the vets to the newcomers they all bring something different to the table.

Yesterday the crew released the smooth record ‘Issac Hayes’, a salute to the soul legend. The record is hopefully the beginning of the rollout for the Taylor Gang Vol. 1 project. But even if the crew’s project doesn’t drop for awhile this new record is a great reminder of how Taylor’s handle business. Listen above.

Earl Sweatshirt -Pelicula

It’s been a minute since any content has come from the young MC, he’s been pretty lowkey musically since he released his last single ‘Wind In My Sails’.

Monday morning ended the wait but intensified the anticipation of what’s to come. Earl dropped a short instrumental via Apple Music. The record starts off kind of creepy but quickly smooths out. Check it below by hitting the link or visiting Apple Music.